Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sculling for Support

This evening I tried something called "sculling for support". It isn't new to me, but it's the skill I seem to be focused on improving lately.

Sculling for support is basically moving the paddle back and forth laterally on one side of the boat, and then leaning over the side of the boat, relying on the moving paddle to support you. It's not a move you make in motion, in the field, so to speak. It develops a skill that is useful in bracing and rolling. I'd like to get to where I can scull myself up from an inverted position.

People who are really good at this can lay the boat on its side and rest part of their weight on the PFDs (life jackets). The look frantic, but they're actually in a stable position as long as the paddle is moving, with the boat perpendicular to the water. If they go under, they scull themselves back up.

I can almost do what this guy is doing in the first clip:

This guy . . .I'm not there yet.

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