Friday, January 3, 2014


I've bough coffee recently. I mean, bags of coffee, 1 lb bags of beans, to be ground and brewed at home. I realize today it's been so long since I did this, and why.

For most of spring, all of summer, and nearly all of autumn, I simply was not home for it. I only brew on weekends; during the week, after some tea to get me going I get coffee at work. It's only on the weekends when I can lazily putter around the house working on a half cup over email and news and whatever.

In paddling season, however, I always had someplace to go. Weekends blurred with weekdays, the only distinction being what clothes I wore (and, at that, not always - I did each during the week). Months flew buy without me having to buy coffee for use at home.

And now, in the depths of winter, I am finally home enough to brew coffee.

On the one hand, I enjoy it. On the other - time to get out and paddle some more.

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